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Religious Education at Hagbourne CE School

RE Curriculum Overview 2024:

INTENT: In 2023, the intent and agreed syllabus for the teaching and learning of RE changed.

This document sets out a summary of curriculum intent taken from the Agreed 2023 - 28 syllabus for RE.

For pupils to learn about religions and beliefs which have influenced the lives of millions of people and heavily influenced the development of different human cultures. Pupils apply academic skills such as analysis and critical and creative thinking, approaching the study of religion with different disciplines as they mature.  For pupils to learn more about themselves and their place in the world from their increasingly academic and creative exploration of religions and beliefs. 


See paragraphs below for information about some of the ways we may plan and teach for inclusivity in the subject of Religious Education.



The Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus is the framework for teaching Religious Education at Hagbourne CE Primary School. It has four aims for RE:  

  • To enable pupils to  understand the nature, role and influence of different religions, traditions, beliefs and lifestyles in the world;  
  • To pursue personal quest for meaning, purpose and value;  
  • To formulate reasoned opinions/arguments in relation to controversial issues and truth claims;  
  • To develop understanding of and respect for different beliefs and lifestyles. 

Religious Education is taught using the schemes - Understanding Christianity for Christianity and the Oxfordshire Diocese Board of Education (ODBE) for other faiths.

Agreed Syllabus 2023 - 28