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Music lessons and groups

County music

Years 3, 4 and 5 all have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through the ‘First Access’ scheme taught by experienced teachers from the County music service. Throughout these years, they are introduced to the violin, clarinet and recorder. From this, the children can then choose to have private lessons which are organised through County music (see the link below).

Would your child like to learn to play an instrument?

Please contact us on 01865 816990 for more information or assistance.



The school also have ‘irock’ lessons where children form ‘bands’ and become a keyboard player, a guitarist, a vocalist or a drummer. This is fantastic for both coordination, musical knowledge, confidence and team work. Please contact the school office if your child would like to become part of their very own rock band.



The school works with a private piano teacher who sometimes has spaces available throughout the school year. Again, contact the office if you are interested and we can ask to have your name put on the waiting list if no spaces are available.



Hagbourne school also have a strong school choir who perform in Oxford twice a year as part of a massed choir with other primary schools. We also perform at local care homes during the Christmas season. The choir is an after school club for years 5/6 and where spaces allow, year 4.