Hagbourne CofE Primary School

'Be the best you can be'


Overall Curriculum Intent

At Hagbourne School, we embrace our vision to prepare each child for their future in an ever changing world.


Our aim is to provide an inspiring curriculum and environment that ignites a love of learning and educates all children to excel as individuals.  Our curriculum is intended to:

  • Offer the full range of National Curriculum subjects and the full breadth of study within these to meet the 2014 requirements ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Provide our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well rounded, informed individuals with high aspirations
  • Cater for the needs of all pupils, across all year groups (see Accessibility plan)
  • Embed and develop our vision for Hagbourne School through the parable of the Good Samaritan and our values of Care, Courage, Respect and Responsibility
  • Provide an active, hands-on curriculum with a range of motivating and exciting opportunities across all subject areas
  • Provide a thematic curriculum that draws creative and meaningful links between a range of curriculum subjects and develops cultural capital opening children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment
  • Be up-to-date, relevant and prepare children for life in a rapidly changing world based on research, evaluation and review
  • Educate the whole child and develop strategies for well being and good mental health to enable children to live happy, healthy and productive lives
  • Build resilience and encourage a positive mindset amongst our children as it is often through mistakes we learn the most
  • Provide stretch and challenge for all pupils, and which constantly stimulates, inspires and broadens their interests

Our curriculum has been carefully considered and designed to ensure there is progression in skills and knowledge from Reception to Year 6, aiming to ensure children are ready for the next stage of their learning.  Learning builds on previous learning so as to create depth and embed in the long term memory.  Long term curriculum plans are reviewed by teaching staff and subject leaders annually and pupils are involved in designing and evaluating the learning process and outcomes. We are a reflective school and continually strive to improve our teaching and learning in light of the latest research.