Hagbourne CofE Primary School

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Learning websites to help my child


Early Years

Whack a Mole  - If you keep to steps of 1 this is good for sequencing numbers. 

Counting Caterpillars - Sequencing numbers - move the slider to put numbers between 1-10 then move onto 20 and beyond

Ten Frame - Make numbers to 10 and 20. This can also help with adding within 10 and 20.

Save the Whale - Make any bonds up to 10 (start with 5) and save the whale! Click the wheel to see if you have.

Bottle Take Away - Sing the Green Bottle Song with this.

Numberblocks - fun with the Numberblocks


Number and Place Value



Number and Place Value

White Rose - Minute A Day (app to download)


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division     

Maths Chase 

Times Tables Rock Stars (also available as an app)

Add/Subtract (Topmarks)

Multiply/divide (Topmarks)

Division (helpful videos)



Fractions (BBC website)

Fractions (Topmarks)


Shapes, Space and Measure

Shape and movement