Hagbourne CofE Primary School

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Governor Committees

At Hagbourne CE Primary School we have two main committees which are explained below:


Quality of Education (Q of E)

Chair: Jemma Dyson

Members: Nicola Dobson, Sarah-Jane Lewis, Elisabeth Anderson, Mark Barnett

Clerk: Marie Murphy 


The Q of E committee monitors and evaluates pupil attainment and progress. Measurable data, which allows comparisons between pupil groups, cohorts and subjects, is reviewed by this committee every term. The data scrutiny allows the Governors to understand the conclusions of the school’s self-evaluation process so that they can effectively challenge and hold the school to account for our pupil’s achievement. The committee also monitor the effective provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.


Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP):

Chair: Father Jason St John Nicolle

Members: Simon Bowell, Caroline Dendy, Nicola Dobson, Sarah-Jane Lewis, Tim Nuttall, Gary McIntyre

Clerk: Marie Murphy


The F&GP committee is responsible for advising and supporting the Governing Body on the School’s budget and expenditure. This committee oversees the School’s financial management, the financial strategy and financial policies, whilst safeguarding its resources and assets.  The committee ensures that the School operates within the law and regulations in relation to its finances. The implementation of staffing policies, procedures and guidance is also overseen by this committee. In addition, this committee oversees the management of the School’s infrastructure, including improvements to buildings, the swimming pool and kitchen.


Health and Safety is part of the F&GP and the School Business Manager and Headteacher meet regularly with a representative for the Governing Body to ensure all health and safety policies, procedures and risk assessments are in place and up to date. Termly H&S checks are completed, risks identified and appropriate control measures taken. Through these efforts, the School’s safety has been improved.


There are also various other small committees responsible for a number of areas such as the Headteacher performance review, complaints, staff appeals, dismissal, pupil/parent discipline, pupil behaviour and various curriculum areas. These committees meet as and when needed.