Year 6 Residential 2017 Day Three

After cereal and scrambled egg on toast it was time for chores.

Then one group off to the workroom to be debriefed on rock climbing, rock pooling and coasteering.  The other group found out about surfing.

The weather was very strange – there was a temperature inversion – this meant that it was boiling on the top of the moor at the lodge but as we went down it got colder.  The effect that an inversion has is to make clouds just below the inversion to spread out and take on a flattened appearance.  We actually drove through a layer of flat cloud – it was amazing!  The cloud then kept coming and going for the rock climbing group but luckily for the surfers who were on the north side it lifted.

After a long (hour plus) drive to the beach the surfers and a 15 minute drive for the rock climbers.

Both groups had an amazing day and were exhausted when we got back!

After a shower and a dinner of sausage, mash, peas and gravy followed by apple crumble and cream the children were ready for the evening activity called ‘Web of Life’.  A great game – the children loved it!

Hot chocolate and then bed by 10.