At Hagbourne CE Primary School writing is taught in English lessons and across many other subjects in the curriculum. We are all Writing Wizards!

We have high expectations of what the children can achieve and plan our writing  as a ‘learning journey’. The journey begins with finding out what the children know already and ends with a finished product which may be for example: a story, a letter to the council, an information text etc.

Displays in the classroom reflect the learning journey; this is where we place helpful hints, spellings, children’s work, and grammar and punctuation advice.

In lessons, grammar is taught through text types where possible to make it meaningful as is punctuation. Tasks are differentiated by ability and all children are supported and challenged to achieve.

Children are given feedback which may be verbal or written and have an opportunity to respond to this feedback in order to improve their work.  We use a marking code that we teach and train the children to respond to using a purple pen.  The code is as follows:

Speaking and listening is also a key part of English teaching and all children are encouraged to actively listen, develop spoken language and express themselves effectively through speech or drama tasks.

The National Curriculum for Writing is detailed within the English syllabus, and can be found at this link