Design and Technology

The wide range of projects offered in Design and Technology at Hagbourne ensures our children develop an invaluable insight into the world of design and engineering. Children follow the design process of researching, designing, testing and evaluating and creating their final product.

The National Curriculum for Design and Technology can be found here.

External trips and visiting professionals contribute to enriching the children’s experience of the world of DT. Particular highlights include:

The Year 5 ‘Moon Buggy Challenge’

Our children design and make their own vehicles to transport moon rock, before taking them to compete in a variety of challenges at our local secondary school.

Science Oxford Marble Run:

Key Stage 2 children construct a pathway to slow down a rolling marble using their problem solving skills.

Marble run









Let’s Get Cooking:

Our own kitchen staff lead a food technology project for each class across the year, covering food hygiene, preparation techniques and healthy eating concepts.

Other projects include pop-up books, door hooks, electrical circuit games, puppets and much more! Link to the National Curriculum for Design and Technology here


Year 2 Aeroplanes









Year 4 Lego structures to accompany their Egyptians topic









Year 6 trip to Le Manoir