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    More photos from our recycled art day...

    March 10

  • Today Year 1 and Year 4 all helped to plant the apple tree donated to us by Go Green Taxis. It will be protected and looked after by the children, who will observe it's seasonal changes and hopefully get a taste of its fruit in the coming months.

    March 10

  • Look what arrived on my desk on recycled art day! The children have paired up in year groups and are completely absorbed in the activities - well done to Mrs Hudson and teachers for organising such a lovely day!

    March 10

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    Thanks to nominations from several parents and friends of the school, Go Green Taxis is donating the school an apple tree. Year 1 will be planting it next to the vegetable patch in the coming weeks! Thanks to everyone who nominated us for this generous gift.

    February 20

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    It was great to see you all at our Open Classrooms this afternoon!

    February 09

  • The Book Fair has been very busy again today. It will be open for the last time on Monday after school. Payment by cash, cheque or credit card. It's great for the children to be so excited about books and reading! Happy weekend!

    December 02

  • Lots of purchases at today's Book Fair! The children will be visiting with classes to browse over the next couple of days, and cases will be open for sales after school tomorrow and Friday. This year parents can pay by phone and credit/debit card too. Come and take a look - the books are gorgeous!

    November 30

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at the PTA Christmas Craft Fair today - lots to see and do!

    November 20

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    Year 5 Let's Get Cooking this afternoon - the whole school smelled delicious - hope parents enjoyed their dinner!

    November 15

  • Could you spare an after school slot 3pm-4pm to help take money / record sales at our school book fair Tues 29th Nov - Monday 5th Dec? Please email the office if you can help.

    November 14

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    The prayer space in action

    October 19

  • A beautiful sky after parents evening tonight. Thanks everyone for your support.

    October 18

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    Our prayer space is ready for the children to enjoy this week.

    October 17

  • A lovely evening presenting Hagbourne School's French project at the Didcot Twinning Association welcome reception and listening to Mrs Leishman singing with her choir! Tomorrow we will welcome visitors from Meylan to the school and our year 6 pupils will get the chance to introduce themselves. Our project will be delivered to our French partner school on their return to Meylan.

    September 22

  • KS1 Spanish learning led to some children drawing and labelling 'los animales' in their exploring time this afternoon. KS2 have been busy preparing their 'This is our school' project, ready to hand over to our French visitors at the Didcot Twinning Association reception next week. The project will be delivered to our new partner school in Meylan, Grenoble.

    September 16

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    September 12

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    A great reading event at Milton Manor this weekend - guaranteed to inspire our readers at Hagbourne!

    September 12

  • What a wonderful week the children had settling into their classes last week! Thanks to parents for helping them be so confident. This week we are asking children to be responsible and come into school from their main doors independently, so please encourage and support them with this - quick kiss and a cuddle and off to start their learning! Please pass any messages to the staff at the door and they will ensure that teachers are made aware.

    September 11

  • What an amazing thing to try at home this weekend! It can be done with thinner plastic that can be cut with scissors. You can can bring jellyfish, sharks, minions and even mini dancing people into your home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHNWHPuXJag

    June 24

  • Keep an eye out for your child's sponsorship card for Readathon, which we launch on Monday! Please discuss your child's target with them and help them to prepare their books. Don't forget they can check out books from the school library, and their mobile library card is valid at Didcot library too.

    June 15

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    A selection of the wonderful science week projects that we all had the chance to see earlier today! Thanks to parents for getting involved with their children at home - the children's enthusiasm when presenting their projects was truly inspiring!

    May 20

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    Gorgeous story maps for the Three Little Pigs from Reception Class today!

    March 08

  • Some costume ideas for Thursday's World Book Day (unless you're super-organised and already have yours ready!) http://www.netmums.com/spring/g/top-world-book-day-costume-ideas

    February 29

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    What a great turnout to our museum this afternoon! Thank you all for supporting your child and their learning this term - happy holiday!

    February 12

  • A sneak peak of our museum taking shape - looking forward to seeing you at 2pm!

    February 12