British Values

 Promoting British Values

 The government has defined British Values as democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.  We promote these values through our core Christian Values of Care, Courage, Respect and Responsibility.

How we promote DEMOCRACY:

  • We have an elected school council. In September candidates prepare election speeches and children vote for their class representatives.
  • We have a school suggestion box for all children to contribute.
  • We have an elected School Eco-Council.
  • We encourage children to volunteer for different roles within the school. These include Sports Leaders, Power Rangers, Office Assistants, Newbury Building Society Cashiers and representatives raising money for local and national charities (NSPCC, local food bank, Style Acre)
  • Democracy is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons and assemblies.
  • During Collective Worship children learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and learn to respect their rights and the rights of others.
  • Children raised money for Unicef and then voted on the foods/items they would like to buy for the charity.
  • Democracy is promoted in lessons through debates and discussions.

How we promote RULE OF THE LAW:

  • We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our Behaviour Policy. There are rewards for exhibiting good and caring behaviour and consistent demonstration of our values is recognised through such things as ‘Star of the Week’, gold stars and raffle tickets.
  • Through the home – school agreement.
  • Through our school assemblies and PSHE children are taught how to earn trust and respect and are supported to develop a strong sense of morality; knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing even when it is difficult.
  • The local PCSO visits the school to talk to the children and explain about their role in society.
  • Cycling Proficiency, Junior Citizens, Junior Newbury Building Society.


  • Through our Core Christian Values and the SEAL program, children are taught about personal responsibility, choices, ambition and aspiration. They are encouraged to take opportunities to follow their interests.
  • SEAL has specific units relating to individual liberty including ‘Good to Be Me!’
  • Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, including on-line. This is taught through computing lessons, assemblies and outside organisations such as ‘Think u know’.
  • Open classroom afternoons to celebrate children’s work, performances, concerts and end of term celebrations / awards.
  • Philosophy For Children questions where all ideas are valued and discussed.
  • We have a clear Behaviour policy and Anti-bullying Policy.
  • We have a selection of different clubs for children across the school, including science, mathematics, sports and languages.


  • Children are taught about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and learn to respect their rights and the rights of others.
  • Through our Core Christian Values and the SEAL scheme children are taught to respect each other, to be cooperative and collaborative, be supportive and to look for similarities while being understanding of differences.
  • Mutual respect is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons and collective worship.
  • An assembly and fund raising event were delivered focusing on helping pupils to understand others with learning needs.
  • Respect of different faiths and beliefs is promoted through visitors of different faiths and Religious Education. Children learn about different religions, their beliefs, places of worship and festivals.