Hagbourne School Parent Teacher Association

Who the PTA are


All parents and carers with children at Hagbourne automatically become members of Hagbourne School Parent Teacher Association. The PTA exists to foster closer links between school and home, and to help provide resources that the school could not otherwise afford. Meetings happen roughly once a term (usually in the Staff Room) and are open to everyone.


The PTA is a registered charity and has an elected committee of three parents to act as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Committee members for the 2018-2019 school year are: Chair – Rachel Margolis (Molly Nuttall, Year 3 and Alice Nuttall, Year 6); Treasurer – Laura Okoli (Andrea & Alexis, Year 3 and Jason, Year 6); Secretary – Aliki Pantos (Bob Brew, Year 3 and Peter Brew, Year 5).

You can email the PTA committee on pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk or leave a note in the PTA tray in the school office.


What the PTA does


The PTA runs a number of regular events during the course of the school year, including the school fete, discos for the children two or three times a year, and secondhand uniform sales in the autumn and spring. It also puts on other events both as social events and for fundraising.


Through the PTA Hagbourne parents and carers have raised thousands of pounds and provided the school with much-needed equipment, from Huddle tablets to basketballs. In recent years the money raised has helped the school meet the cost of resurfacing the playground, installing the library system, and buying new phonics teaching resources and computer equipment. The PTA also subsidizes things like the school Christmas panto and pays for school Christmas dinner.


The PTA has a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ptahagbourne/), which is a place for parents to post general “school stuff” as well as for PTA notices. Information about PTA meetings and events is posted here and is also sent out via the school newsletter or ParentMail. 


How to get involved


PTA work is an excellent way to meet other parents – especially those with children in other years – and to get to know more about the school generally. The PTA relies on parents and carers. The amount it can do and the money it can raise for the school depend entirely on how much support there is from the school community. More help is always very welcome, be it planning events, suggesting fundraising ideas, or just selling raffle tickets for the odd half-hour.

If you would like to help you can send a message via the Facebook page, email pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk, leave a note in the PTA tray in the office, come to a PTA meeting, or just speak to a member of the committee in the playground. If you would like to receive information such as meeting agendas and minutes by email, you can also request to be added to the PTA email distribution list. The PTA Privacy Notice can be found here.